Hourly Studios

Adjacent to BG2’s spacious Back Lounge, there are 4 acoustically designed studios available for hourly rental and ideal for band rehearsal. These hourly rehearsal studios are also great for shooting a music video or doing a photo session. Our rehearsal rooms can also double as tracking rooms for a variety of recording needs like drum tracking, live session recording, podcasting and more. Plus, the lounge is a great place to hang out with a complimentary coffee and an abundance of good vibes.

Select the Studio you would like to book. Prices shown reflect the price per hour of each Studio.
Each Studio comes with full Backline which includes:
• 2 guitar rigs
• 1 bass rig
• A 5-piece drum kit (cymbals not included)
• PA system

To secure a booking you must pay a deposit fee, which is equal to the first hour of your session time. Remaining cost of the time scheduled will be paid upon arrival to the studio.

Please Note: All bookings must be scheduled 24 hours in Advance. If booking is canceled with less than 24 hour notice, deposit cannot be refunded.

Studio 1 $ 30/HR

Our largest studio offers the most bang for your buck. Acoustically designed by studio vet, Lyle Ireland, this studio is fitted with hand-made acoustic paneling and a custom Helmholtz resonator wall. The studio also is equipped with a photo and video backdrop system for photo shoots, YouTube videos and more. If you need extra equipment for your video or photo shoot ask about our lighting package.


Studio 2 $ 25/HR

Warm and welcoming, this studio is also a favorite among our regular customers who need to rehearse for upcoming gigs or studio sessions.



Studio 3 $ 25/HR

This studio offers the added bonus of having a Mason and Hamlin baby grand piano. Excellent for songwriting sessions and full rehearsals, this studio offers versatility and an exceptionally cool vibe.



Studio 4 $ 25/HR

Another customer favorite for daily rehearsals as well as long term lockouts, this studio offers natural light, tight low-end sound and a throwback checker board acoustic treatment design.



Studio B $ 30/HR

Our in-house recording studio is very versatile. You can record your podcast or lay down some vocal tracks. It’s an excellent place for song writing, creating scratch tracks and other pre-production needs. And if you want to take it a step further, Studio B is cabled to Studio 1 so it can become a control room for full recording sessions of all kinds like drum tracking, overdubbing, live sessions, you name it!



Bg2studios is located at:

6860 Farmdale Ave. North Hollywood CA 91605

*Park in the rear, and load in through the back entrance.