recording studio los angeles
As a start-up band, you have neither the resources nor the contacts to rent a large and expensive studio. But then again, you don’t need to. All that is required is a space that makes it easy to create and record music. Beat Garage in North Hollywood Los Angeles can help you. We have listened to what you want and need. And we have worked with acclaimed studio designers Vincent Van Haaf and Lyle Ireland to build a studio for working musicians. The Beat Garage 2, or BG2, was designed to enable artists to rehearse, record, and produce music under the same roof.
Our North Hollywood tenants are some of the best artists working. And our team of management professionals remains on-call to answer all questions and service all your needs. We make it a point of going above and beyond the service that you would usually get in such a facility. We love music and we take great pride in helping rising musicians succeed in their art.
At Beat Garage, you will find the space and service you need to harness and develop your creative talent. You will find a studio that was designed and constructed with musical artists in mind.