Adjacent to BG2’s spacious Back Lounge, there are 4 acoustically designed studios available for hourly rental. Rehearse with your band or shoot a music video. We also offer in-house audio services like drum tracking and podcasting. And the lounge is a great place to hang out with a complimentary coffee and an abundance of good vibes.
Select the Studio you would like to book. Prices shown reflect the price per hour of each Studio.
Each Studio comes with full Backline which includes:
• 2 guitar rigs
• 1 bass rig
• A 5-piece drum kit
• PA system
To secure a booking you must pay a deposit fee, which is equal to the first hour of your session time. Remaining cost of the time scheduled will be paid upon arrival to the studio.

Please Note: All bookings must be scheduled 24 hours in Advance. If booking is canceled with less than 24 hour notice, deposit cannot be refunded.

Our backline equipment rocks. Marshall, Fender, Ampeg, Eden – they all sound great in our acoustically treated live rehearsal rooms. Mixed with Mackie boards through QSC and JBL speakers, your sessions here will up your game. And ask about our rehearsal recording options.
• Acoustically Treated
• Large Live Rooms
Selection of Backline

We’ve designed the live rooms off our Back Lounge not only to sound great but to look great as well. Shoot your band or performer live with sound using our backline equipment or via playback on our PA system. And ask about other shoot locations around the building.
• Music Video Film Photos
• 4 Different Room Designs
Selection of Backline

Studio BG is excited to begin offering podcasting services here at BG2. We have an exceptional inventory of studio microphones for podcasting, including the classic Shure SM7B. We will engineer your episode and provide you with the .wav files at the end of your session.
• Full Setup
• Engineer Included
Assortment of Mics

Studio BG tracks its drum sessions in our Premiere Live Room. And our available drum sets are as good as they come, curated by our drum technician, Michael Barsimanto. Our collection of snares alone will blow your mind.
• Great Room Sound
Assortment of Mics
Selection of Kits

Bg2studios is located at:

6860 Farmdale Ave. North Hollywood CA 91605

*Park in the rear, and load in through the back entrance.