In 2013 we purchased Beat Garage on Cleon Ave (BG1) and renovated it with the musicians’ needs in mind. We know that rehearsing isn’t all there is for music development and we strove to make our facilities welcoming to writers and producers looking for affordable studio space as well. Since taking over, BG1 has been at full capacity and we have upgraded many of the rooms for those who needed more than what was out there. With a waiting list of over 30, we realized that there were more musicians out there looking for studios to both rehearse and produce so we built BG2 on Farmdale Ave. It is 7 minutes away from BG1 and opened for operation in May of 2017.

Since Beat Garage began, we have listened to what you want and what you need and we have tried to accommodate it all at BG2. We enlisted the team of acclaimed studio designer Vincent van Haaf and old school studio builder Lyle Ireland.  Both were responsible for LA acoustical landmarks like Conway Recording Studios, Capitol Records, A&M Studios, The Village and many more.  We sought to create a working environment for musicians to rehearse, record and produce all under the same roof.

Our community of talent is stellar and the tenants are top notch. Our team of management professionals is there to answer whatever needs may arise and to support the tenants in their business. We go above and beyond any facility of this kind because we love music and the people who help make it.