Need a joint to rehearse with your band? Need a spot to record music at an affordable rate? Need a room to write music and produce 24/7? Yeah, BeatGarage has all those things…and more.

Since 2013 BeatGarage (BG) has been offering up cool vibes and excellent rehearsal and recording studios to emerging and established artists throughout Los Angeles, California. With two locations in North Hollywood, BG has fostered a community of artists from diverse backgrounds who all wanna do one thing: Make Music. Some rent studio time here for a few hours at a time, some a few days, some a few years.

At BG2 on Farmdale we have studios where you can rehearse or record by the hour or by the day. At both of our facilities, all of our studios can be locked out long term. Some studios are available with month-to-month leases, but these studios are rarely vacant. If you are interested in a month-to-month lockout we ask that you fill out an application for our waiting list in order to be considered for a vacant studio when one becomes available.