1. Please stay home if you are sick with a cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc. We will be doing temperature checks upon entry to the building.

2. Wash hands & use hand sanitizer often.
-We have added hand sanitizer in the lounge.  Please do not remove the sanitizer from the sanitizing station.  It is a precious commodity.

3.  Wear cloth masks.
-This is required in all areas of studios unless you are singing or playing a brass or wind instrument. We have disposable masks available at the sanitizing stations if you should need one. We have a limited supply so please, one per user.

4.  Physical Distancing – 6 feet of space
a.  Rehearsal Studio capacity – 6 people (including board operator)
b.  Lounge capacity – 10 people.  1 person on a couch at a time.
c. Studio B / Podcast Studio capacity – 3 people
d. Singers and Brass/Wind Instrument player should keep 8 feet of distance.

5.  Coffee and Water Dispensers.  Vending Machines. Microwaves.
-Paper cups will not be available at this time.  Please bring in your own personal reusable cups.  After using the coffee or water dispensers, vending machines, and microwaves, please wipe down any areas on the machines or counters you’ve touched with available disinfectant.

6. Microphones
-While we will be doing routine cleaning and disinfecting of BG2 microphones we highly recommend that singers bring in their own microphones to use during sessions.

Staff Cleaning Regimen

General Equipment:

-All amps, drum kits, mixing boards, pianos, mic stands, cymbal stands, keyboard stands, guitar stands and music stands are wiped down (disinfected) before and after each rehearsal/recording session

Common areas in lounge and bathroom:

-All surfaces in the common areas are wiped down (disinfected) periodically throughout the day.  “All Surfaces“ includes door handles, table tops, appliances, chairs, etc.